Motocross in Namibia (an Introduction)

It All Starts With The Drop Of A Gate.

This is my first BLOG POST, so please hang in there, I am as they would say “a Newbie”.

I wanted to do a blog about general Motocross in Namibia, focusing mostly the Windhoek (capital city) area. Being a rider myself and also being somewhat involved in the “behind the scenes” action, I have an overall general insight into the planning, running and also racing aspects of the sport here in Namibia.

Motocross in Namibia is not as big a sport as compared to other countries, however in the last 2 – 3 years the sport really grew and it is continuing to grow with more and more new rider entries each month. We have one Motocross track called the “Gallina Motocross Track” – the track is situated about 20km (12.5miles) outside Windhoek.  A brand new track, situated outside of Swakopmund at the coast, was built in 2016.

Gallina hosts a monthly event ( this year, it falls on every first Saturday of every Month), with the Track being open for practice every other Saturday not being a “race day”. The riders at these events are split into 5 categories, namely Class D (this is the rookie class with all the new riders), Class C (The bit more experienced riders that have levelled up from Class D), Class B (These are the faster riders but not yet the fastest), Class A (These are the fastest riders of the lot, the ones that can truly be called the “Pro’s”) and then we also have a Quad Class that are only the quad-bike riders. This year there are also 2 kiddies classes.  The one class (7 riders) for bikes with engine sizes less than 85cc and then the “bigger” kids on the bikes with more than 85cc’s – in this class they are a whole 6 riders.

The event is usually a fun-filled day for the whole family.  Great music, an open bar, food and all the adrenaline filled action anybody’s heart can desire.


This is only the first blog and just an overview – I will do more weekly posts, where I will cover in more detail all the aspects of the sport in Namibia as seen from a riders perspective, as well as share with you more about the races, practice days as well as any news and “action” that is guaranteed to go down!


Author: MyMotocrossBlog

I am a Namibian Motocross rider. I do not do it as a job, but as a hobby I hold very close to heart rather.

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