Motocross In Namibia (Track Change)

Big news hit the motocross community this week as we found out that the Gallina Motocross track outside of Windhoek has been updated and underwent some changes.

The last time that the track was changed was about 3 years ago. The reasoning behind the changes in 2014 was due to many injuries that occurred, especially from less-experienced / younger riders within certain areas of the old track.  They removed the “danger zones” and we all found that the updated track was challenging and took a bit of getting used to. However, the over-all feel of the changed track was very positive and riders quickly adapted to the new track-layout.

This week the track was updated again.  For a layman to understand the amount of though and planning that goes into these changes is not easy to comprehend.  For example –  the riders know from hand-on experience the the previous track had 7 right-handed turns and only 2 left-handed turns.  Therefore the new track layout was planned so that it has 7 right-hand turns and 5 left-handed turns, It was also changed just for a renewed feel and something different, to spruce it up a bit.  This weekend at practise, me along with the rest of the riders was first to experience the changes that the track underwent.  I strongly feel that this new layout will surely test me as well as the other riders in upcoming and future events.  These changes will definitely guarantee renewed excitement for both the riders and the supporters.

I believe I speak for all the riders when I say that I’m very excited about the new changes and I can’t wait to see what types of challenges as well as fun it brings in future.

Old Track Layout
New Track Layout

Author: MyMotocrossBlog

I am a Namibian Motocross rider. I do not do it as a job, but as a hobby I hold very close to heart rather.

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