Motocross in Namibia (Endurocross)

An Endurocross event was held last weekend, Endurocross is an event similar to rally where riders follow a pre-planned route. Each rider’s time is recorded from start to finish. Checkpoints are also scattered throughout the course to ensure that all the riders follow the correct route.

Unfortunately I only found out the day before about the event otherwise I would have loved to participate. Non the less we went out on Saturday to watch some of the obstacles the riders needed to treverse over. Some of the riders also gave in their GoPro footage as they finished a certain course, which was played on a large projector for the spectators to get a feel of what the riders are going through. There was also a tent with music, food, drinks and more. It was an awesome event and something a bit different from the normal Motocross races.

Some of the obstacles that the riders had to tackle looked daunting to say the least. Huge wooden logs, a stone pit, tractor tires and much more, this made up the “technical” section of the course. The rest of the course was mainly offroad trails, over mountains and through rivers.

The whole day was alot of fun and next time I will definitely be more on the look out for the event, so that I can partake as well.


Author: MyMotocrossBlog

I am a Namibian Motocross rider. I do not do it as a job, but as a hobby I hold very close to heart rather.

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