Motocross in Namibia (Riding in the Dunes)

Going to the coast also means going to ride in the dunes, since Namibia has a desert right ons the edge of the ocean.

After our practice on Saturday at the Swakop track, we decided to go to the dunes on Sunday morning. Waking up bright and early, we once again loaded all our riding gear and bikes and headed off. The morning was chilly with quite a good amount of mist laying in the air. This was very good news as it meant the sand dunes would be slightly damp, perfect for riding.

We drove out a long way to the spot we always go to and started offloading and getting ready to tackle the dunes. It’s quite a different experience than just riding on normal ground, for one the amount of traction the bikes have is very limited in the soft sand. This means that one has to try to keep the momentum of the bike going at all times. This makes it a heck of a challenge, but once you master it it’s loads and loads of fun.

One however also needs to be very careful as the dunes could be very dangerous. As the sun gets higher in the sky and the shadows shrink to nothing, it is very hard to judge depth and one could easily be surprised by a sudden drop off or blind dune. However, just being careful and keeping a constant eye out is enough to prevent any accidents.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day, surely one to remember.


Author: MyMotocrossBlog

I am a Namibian Motocross rider. I do not do it as a job, but as a hobby I hold very close to heart rather.

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