Motocross in Namibia (Motocross half-pipe)

Ever so often when we go riding we find old abandoned buildings (or rather the remnants thereof), naturally occurring jumps, and lots of fun rock formations we spend hours riding on. However, this week we found something unique.

As we set of from home we didn’t have a destination or plan in mind, we merely went with the flow. As we rode, out of the corner of my eye I cought a glimpse of something that made me do a double take and I decided we should go investigate.

Hidden in the tall grass was a square hole with slanted sides, resembleing a half pipe. We assumed it was an old, small refuge dump or something along those lines. It looked as if it was burned on the inside once upon a time, this made the ground inside quite hard.

We started riding around on the inside of it and before you knew it we were jumping out of it and doing wall-rides. We dared each other to do “stunts” into, inside or out of the hole. It was a very unusual place to ride but very fun non the less. We spent a good 2 hours riding our new Half-pipe.

At last it got dark and we decided to head home, but I have a feeling that this hole will provide a bunch of fun riding moments and memories.


Author: MyMotocrossBlog

I am a Namibian Motocross rider. I do not do it as a job, but as a hobby I hold very close to heart rather.

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