Motocross in Namibia (Last race of the season)

To end off the racing season the Gallina Motocross Club decided to end it with a bang.

For the last race they decided to once again reach out to South Africa, as well as to Botswana to try and organize ons huge final race. We as the riders were more than extatic when we heard that 10 riders were coming from South Africa and 2 from Botswana. It’s always exciting to race against new competitors, it makes all of the riders race with renewed vigour.

One of the riders from Botswana, Ross, is one of the African Motocross Champions. On the practice laps he already broke the record lap time. The race between the A class riders was something to behold. At the end of the day Ross won 1st place and our own champion got 2nd and a South African rider got 3rd place. 

In my riding class we had 2 additional riders from South Africa, they performed quite well, finishing 3rd and 6th. I managed to finish 4th, barely snatching up that 3rd position. No worries, next year I’ll came back swinging.

All in all the last event of the season was a heap load of fun, there were tons of people and it was a huge turnout.


Motocross in Namibia (Motocross half-pipe)

Ever so often when we go riding we find old abandoned buildings (or rather the remnants thereof), naturally occurring jumps, and lots of fun rock formations we spend hours riding on. However, this week we found something unique.

As we set of from home we didn’t have a destination or plan in mind, we merely went with the flow. As we rode, out of the corner of my eye I cought a glimpse of something that made me do a double take and I decided we should go investigate.

Hidden in the tall grass was a square hole with slanted sides, resembleing a half pipe. We assumed it was an old, small refuge dump or something along those lines. It looked as if it was burned on the inside once upon a time, this made the ground inside quite hard.

We started riding around on the inside of it and before you knew it we were jumping out of it and doing wall-rides. We dared each other to do “stunts” into, inside or out of the hole. It was a very unusual place to ride but very fun non the less. We spent a good 2 hours riding our new Half-pipe.

At last it got dark and we decided to head home, but I have a feeling that this hole will provide a bunch of fun riding moments and memories.

Motocross in Namibia (Mountaineers)

One of the benefits of living in Windhoek is that the entire city is surrounded by mountains, making for some fun riding trails.

One of the offroad tracks leads up a mountain and is in particular loads of fun yet quite a challenge at the same time. Every now and then I would call my best friend / riding buddy, and ask if he wants to go and climb Kaiser Wilhelm mountain with the bikes. This mountain is a favourite of ours as it is one of the highest and offers quite the view.

It is quite the expedition to undertake so it requires loads of water, full tanks of gas, an action camara and a determined mindset. After everything is ready we set off from home. Then it’s about half an hours ride though rivers, up and down hills to just get to the base of the mountains.

Then the “road” to the top, if I can even call it that, is a winding hikers trail that is barely wide enough for us to treverse, yet we welcome the challenge with a smile. Some parts of the trail is seriously challenging and most often it is literally a case of just holding on and praying nothing goes horribly wrong.

However, once you reach the top and look back over the city and surrounding landskape, the view is literally breathtaking. Sometimes we just stand and stare for minutes on end, feeling like birds flying high above the clouds.

Motocross in Namibia (Riding in the Dunes)

Going to the coast also means going to ride in the dunes, since Namibia has a desert right ons the edge of the ocean.

After our practice on Saturday at the Swakop track, we decided to go to the dunes on Sunday morning. Waking up bright and early, we once again loaded all our riding gear and bikes and headed off. The morning was chilly with quite a good amount of mist laying in the air. This was very good news as it meant the sand dunes would be slightly damp, perfect for riding.

We drove out a long way to the spot we always go to and started offloading and getting ready to tackle the dunes. It’s quite a different experience than just riding on normal ground, for one the amount of traction the bikes have is very limited in the soft sand. This means that one has to try to keep the momentum of the bike going at all times. This makes it a heck of a challenge, but once you master it it’s loads and loads of fun.

One however also needs to be very careful as the dunes could be very dangerous. As the sun gets higher in the sky and the shadows shrink to nothing, it is very hard to judge depth and one could easily be surprised by a sudden drop off or blind dune. However, just being careful and keeping a constant eye out is enough to prevent any accidents.

All in all it was a very enjoyable day, surely one to remember.

Motocross in Namibia (Riding at the coast)

Taking a trip down to the coast is always fun, especially if you take a couple of bikes along on the trip.

The town we visited last weekend, Swakop, has their own Motocross track, and we were more than excited to give this new track a go. Saturday morning was a rush of excitement and anticipation as we hurredly loaded the bikes and the gear and set off to the track early in the morning. The coast was a bit more chilly than we are used to, but this was a welcome change and only added to the overall hype in the atmosphere.

Once we arrived at the track, it was not at all what we expected. We expected loads of bikers to be present and the track buzzing with activity, however there was not a single soul in sight. We thought that maybe it was only due to us being so early and that the people would arrive in due time. We started offloading and “suiting up” and in no time we were on the track.

The track exceeded all our expectations, it was beyond awesome. It was something completely different from the track we are used to back home. It was also quite a bit longer than the Gallina Motocross track, with more jumps and loads of fun to be had.

We spent a good couple of hours riding and playing, all by ourselves since nobody else showed up. We found this quite strange but we did not complain, as this made it kind of like a private practice session.

At last we packed up and headed back, thoroughly impressed with the Swakop Motocross track.

Motocross in Namibia (Endurocross)

An Endurocross event was held last weekend, Endurocross is an event similar to rally where riders follow a pre-planned route. Each rider’s time is recorded from start to finish. Checkpoints are also scattered throughout the course to ensure that all the riders follow the correct route.

Unfortunately I only found out the day before about the event otherwise I would have loved to participate. Non the less we went out on Saturday to watch some of the obstacles the riders needed to treverse over. Some of the riders also gave in their GoPro footage as they finished a certain course, which was played on a large projector for the spectators to get a feel of what the riders are going through. There was also a tent with music, food, drinks and more. It was an awesome event and something a bit different from the normal Motocross races.

Some of the obstacles that the riders had to tackle looked daunting to say the least. Huge wooden logs, a stone pit, tractor tires and much more, this made up the “technical” section of the course. The rest of the course was mainly offroad trails, over mountains and through rivers.

The whole day was alot of fun and next time I will definitely be more on the look out for the event, so that I can partake as well.

Motocross in Namibia (Best race ever)

It is safe to say that last weekend’s race was one of the most fun events in a very long time.

The new track layout received heaps of positive feedback from all the riders in all the classes. Some of the new jumps that were added looked daunting at first but proved to be fun as the day grew longer and more and more riders started jumping them.

However, as always with the addition of new jumps and turns there is always going to be a few crashes as well. Nothing serious luckily, all the riders that tumbled and fell quickly got up and tried their very best to get back in the race.

I personally had one of the most epic falls ever. As I was attempting to jump one of the new jumps for the first time, I misjudged the distance between the take-off ramp and the landing. I did not have enough speed and I hit the landing too short, as soon as I left the take-off I knew, this could not end well and waited for the inevitable as I soured through the sky.

After what felt like an eternity I hit the flat side of the landing and bottomed out the bike, this flung me forward and up into the air. As I was flying through the air, a good 3 meters off the ground, I did a complete frontflip and when I hit the ground I landed on my feet (none of which was planned of course), I stumbled forward from the momentum I was still carrying but managed to stay on my feet. I froze for a moment, not believing what just happened. And then out of pure joy and amazement I threw up my arms and yelled “that was awesome”. I rushed back to my bike and got back into the race.

I managed to finish 5th overall for the day in my class, but the main highlight of my day was that epic crash that could not have gone any better. I hoped and prayed that one of the photographers managed to catch my moment as an Acrobat on a photo, but sadly none did. Non the less it was great fun and an awesome day of racing.