Motocross in Namibia (New Bike Test Ride)

During the course of last week the Yamaha dealership in Windhoek reached out to a bunch of riders, asking them to test ride a few of the new bikes they shipped in and to give a short review about what they experienced.

I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen riders. Pure excitement rushed through my veins as I was busy reading the message. The thought of being chosen to ride and review one of the brand new bikes in stock had my heart pounding and I could not wait for the weekend to roll around. As Saturday drew near I grew more and more excited and finally it was time to head to the track.

When I arrived some of the other chosen riders was already there and others was still on their way. When we were all there the guys from Yamaha gave us a short speech and a few rules. When we were all “briefed” the moment I have been waiting for all week was finally here. It was very apparent that I was not the only one more than eager to get riding. All the riders rushed to put on their kits (riding gear) and get on their bikes. We were 4 riders in total, each testing a different bike.

The rest of the day was spent riding and having fun, I constantly had to remind myself that “this is not my bike, so please don’t break it”. I also had to remember to test the bike and not only enjoy it. However, the bike was amazing to say the very least, the speed, steering, weight, torque   everything was beyond anything I ever rode before.

A silent tear was shed when it was finally time to hand back the bike at the end of the day. Non the less it was great fun and an experience I will not easily forget. I wrote a positive, yet still honest, review and sent it to Yamaha, who were pleased to hear that I enjoyed the bike. 

The whole experience was very exciting and a heap of fun, I truly hope I get the chance again in the future.


Yamaha, Windhoek


Motocross in Namibia (Biting the Dust)

This Saturday at practice I bit the dust… literally!

It has been a while since it rained, and because they only wet the track before the races it was especially dry and dusty this Saturday. Everything went great (accept for the heat as always in Namibia) until around the 3rd hour of practice, we were about to call it a day and I thought “okay just 2 more laps”. That was not one of the wisest decisions I ever made, quick tip: If your body aches from continuous practice rather rest or call it a day, don’t keep on riding if you can barely hold on. So rounding the one corner the ground, being mostly loose sand, gave way beneath me, and with my arms being no more than useless I couldn’t do much to prevent the inevitable. So as if in slow-motion I watched the ground get closer and closer and did my best to brace for the impact I knew so well by now.    Weirdly enough the first thought is never if I am okay, it’s whether the bike is.

After taking a second to retrieve my bearings I got up and dusted myself off. I picked up the bike and rode back to the pit areas, on my way I noticed that the steering was a bit off and at I just thought that maybe I just bent the handlebars. However, as I climbed off I saw that my front left shock was leaking oil. So now I have to take it in to Yamaha for repairs this week.

All in all not a bad Practice session, except of course for the unfortunate incident with the ground.

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Damn Son

Motocross in Namibia (an Introduction)

It All Starts With The Drop Of A Gate.

This is my first BLOG POST, so please hang in there, I am as they would say “a Newbie”.

I wanted to do a blog about general Motocross in Namibia, focusing mostly the Windhoek (capital city) area. Being a rider myself and also being somewhat involved in the “behind the scenes” action, I have an overall general insight into the planning, running and also racing aspects of the sport here in Namibia.

Motocross in Namibia is not as big a sport as compared to other countries, however in the last 2 – 3 years the sport really grew and it is continuing to grow with more and more new rider entries each month. We have one Motocross track called the “Gallina Motocross Track” – the track is situated about 20km (12.5miles) outside Windhoek.  A brand new track, situated outside of Swakopmund at the coast, was built in 2016.

Gallina hosts a monthly event ( this year, it falls on every first Saturday of every Month), with the Track being open for practice every other Saturday not being a “race day”. The riders at these events are split into 5 categories, namely Class D (this is the rookie class with all the new riders), Class C (The bit more experienced riders that have levelled up from Class D), Class B (These are the faster riders but not yet the fastest), Class A (These are the fastest riders of the lot, the ones that can truly be called the “Pro’s”) and then we also have a Quad Class that are only the quad-bike riders. This year there are also 2 kiddies classes.  The one class (7 riders) for bikes with engine sizes less than 85cc and then the “bigger” kids on the bikes with more than 85cc’s – in this class they are a whole 6 riders.

The event is usually a fun-filled day for the whole family.  Great music, an open bar, food and all the adrenaline filled action anybody’s heart can desire.


This is only the first blog and just an overview – I will do more weekly posts, where I will cover in more detail all the aspects of the sport in Namibia as seen from a riders perspective, as well as share with you more about the races, practice days as well as any news and “action” that is guaranteed to go down!